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Aeham Ahmad Quintet

Aeham Ahmad Quintet

The new CD „Aeham Ahmad Quintet – Experience“ is ready. It can only be purchased digitally for the time being. Send €10.00 to: paypal.me/AehamAhmad. After receipt of payment, the CD will be sent to you digitally.

In his new project, Aeham Ahmad brings together musicians from different countries and cultures. People from Syria, Germany, Iraq and Japan make music together. In this way, the project creates a special form of encounter with and within the music, in which the listeners are also involved. The music is a mix of traditional oriental music and Aeham’s own. The traditional old sounds are changed, expanded and „modernized“.


Aeham cares about communication through and with music. The project enables new experiences beyond one’s own horizon. But the most important thing is that it expresses a message of peace. Countries and cultures, musicians and listeners are connected through music in peace. And the music also sends a sign of peace into this world.

Here is a first video: Aeham Ahmad Quintet – Together