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Connecting Cultures

Aeham Ahmad & Cornelius Hummel

How Cornelius Hummel got to know Aeham Ahmad in 2018 was rather unusual: his wife’s sister supports refugees very strongly and had heard of Aeham, the musician from Syria who now lived in Wiesbaden. She was convinced that it would be a great thing if Cornelius and Aeham got to know each other. So she started a friend request to Aeham on Facebook.

A first contact was made and shortly afterwards they made an appointment to get to know each other personally. Aeham came to their home one afternoon. They sat together and Aeham began to tell. It just gushed out of him, he hardly found time to eat or drink. After a while, Cornelius asked him if he would like to make music with him and they did. It was a very special experience: although they had only just met, the musical spark jumped over immediately and they quickly found a common language in music. Aeham immediately wanted to do concerts with Cornelius and he agreed with great pleasure.

A joint CD was created in a short time and their wonderful collaboration began under the motto “Connecting Cultures”. Since then they have played several concerts together and further concerts can be booked with the two of them via contact@aeham-ahmad.com.

What is the motive for their music together?

Aeham received classical piano training in Syria. With its Arabic cultural background, of course. Cornelius himself, who grew up in a family of musicians, grew up with classical music. He played the cello in the orchestra of the Hessian State Theater Wiesbaden for 21 years and played contemporary music for many years with the Avance quartet. In addition, playing the cello and improvising became more and more important to him and became one of his passions.

All of this was the basis for their making music together. They quickly found a common language in music, in which the cultural peculiarities of each individual have their place, inspire each other and something completely new arises when making music. Everyone adjusts to the other: listen, feel and create something new together with the music. That is the supporting element. A common language is developed and emerges.

This is how Cornelius understands integration in general: In doing things together you meet, you can get to know each other’s peculiarities and in direct encounter, in doing something together, something arises, something new, something very enriching! Connecting Cultures.


Glaube an die Menschlichkeit – Aeham Ahmad & Cornelius Hummel