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Keys To Friendship

Aeham Ahmad & Edgar Knecht Trio

With the “Keys to Friendship” program, the multiple award-winning jazz pianist Edgar Knecht meets his friend Aeham Ahmad with his virtuoso trio. The Hessische / Niedersächsische Allgemeine raved about the premiere in front of a sold-out house in the Kassel Opera:

“Already the most moving concert of the year – also musically outstanding. Too good for just one performance. „

Keys to Friendship“ is also available on CD. Shortly after its release, the album won the World Music Prize „Creole“ and received special recognition through a nomination for the German Record Critics‘ Prize. The trio’s concerts with Aeham were acclaimed at many festivals.

Further concerts with Aeham Ahmad and the Edgar Knecht Trio can be booked via contact@aeham-ahmad.com.

Edgar Knecht

AEHAM AHMAD meets EDGAR KNECHT – To Those In The Waves