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Foreign Homeland

Foreign Homeland – Aeham Ahmad & Josiane Wahmhoff

And here on the slopes of the hills we do what prisoners do, we raise hope and there in the sea we left everything, there we lost our lives.

Josiane Wahmhoff was born in Seoul/South Korea. She was adopted by a German family when she was 4 months old. She was confronted with racism at an early age and has not yet met her biological parents. Through the connection to music she has found her „home“. She studied classical piano music at several renowned music academies in Germany and graduated with honors. She is a concert pianist and lives in the Beethoven city of Bonn.

With great mutual sympathy, Aeham Ahmad and Josiane Wahmhoff develop the music project „Foreign Homeland“. In their musical collaboration, the true-to-the-note interpretation of classical piano music merges with oriental music vocal improvisation.
Video: Moonlight Sonata by L.van Beethoven with oriental singing.