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Aeham & FRÉ – LIVE

MY NEW ALBUM with Frederike Berendsen & Julian Bohn IS READY!!

Frederike Berendsen is a Dutch singer, multi-intrumentalist and composer. Her songs combine the personal and universal, asking for reflection and appreciation.
(Ben van Gelder)

The German pianist and composer Julian Bohn was drawn to musical instruments and especially the piano at an early age, leading to years of piano and organ lessons predominantly focused on classical music.

This album will be released on March 11th. The album contains 9 tracks. 4 songs which we wrote in my home in Warburg and recorded in Kassel. The other 5 tracks were recorded last Summer when me and my wife Tahani Munawar visited Frederike and Julian in Doetinchem. We recorded them in their living room.


In the songs Frederike tells my story as she knows it from my book and through our conversations. Also she wanted to feature my wife’s story. She interviewed her about her childhood, upbringing, religion, being a woman growing up in Syria, sisterhood and motherhood. Tahani is an artist too and her painting is the base of this cover.