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Aeham Ahmad & Nora Benamara

A few years ago Aeham Ahmad played a concert in Weimar, where Nora Benamara was in the audience with some musician friends. After the concert, Nora spoke to Aeham and they hit it off so well that they spontaneously tried to play together after the concert. Since then they have played several concerts together and further concerts can be booked with the two of them via contact@aeham-ahmad.com.

Nora Benamara is a singer and composer.

Born and raised in the Parisian countryside, she learned to play the piano as a child and came into contact with classical singing through her father. In addition to studying art in northern France, she discovered her singing voice at the age of 18. She then learned to play the guitar by herself and made her first solo stage experience in Lille and Rome.

In 2015 she moved to Germany to study jazz singing with Michael Schiefel and Jeff Cascaro at the Liszt School of Music in Weimar. There she discovered her passion for improvisation and composition. Since then she has been active in various projects in Germany. These range from modern to Brazilian and Arabic jazz to French chanson.

After she received 2nd place in the Next Generation online competition in April 2020, she was invited to the Women in Jazz Festival in Halle 2021. In December 2020 she released the duo debut „Sununu“ with the Syrian singer and pianist Aeham Ahmad.

The music of Aeham Ahmad and Nora Benamara is an encounter between different musical worlds. Arabic folk music, jazz and chanson enter into dialogue with each other and invite you on a journey into Aeham’s history. In the soulful interpretations of Nora Benamara, the Arabic language is reflected in the English, German and French. Bridges are created and allow the listener to immerse themselves in the bitter tales from the Syrian Yarmouk. Melancholy, humor, innocence and hope merge in authentic improvisations – and nothing is suddenly closer than the distant. So the duo touches honestly and connects across borders.


Aeham Ahmad and Nora Benamara Live in Kassel