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Syria – Music For Peace

Aeham Ahmad & Steve Schofield

In 2016 Aeham Ahmad had a concert in a music bar in Berlin and the organizer introduced him to Steve Schofield. They sat together before the concert and when the concert was about to start it turned out that Steve had his soprano saxophone with him. The promoter suggested they play together, but Steve hesitated because they had only just met and had never played together. But Aeham called him on stage after a few songs and they began to improvise. It worked so well that they played for two and a half hours.

Since then they have played several concerts together and also recorded the joint CD „Syria – Music for Peace“. You can listen to it here and order it in the shop.

Additional concerts with the two of them can be booked via contact@aeham-ahmad.com.

Aeham Ahmad & Steve Schofield – Piano meets Saxophon